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TITLE : Dental Care And Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping ones mouth clean and free of disease and other problems eg bad breath by regular brushing of the teeth dental hygiene and cleaning between the teethmouthwash for spots which toothpaste and brush hardly reach mouthwash is a viable solution rinsing with mouthwash cleanses effectively from between the teeth down to the back of the throatthe only independent global pharmaceutical laboratory operating in the oral care field pierre fabre oral care is also a key player in public health participating in information and prevention campaigns for health care professionals and the general publictaking good care of your mouth teeth and gums is a worthy goal in and of itself good oral and dental hygiene can help prevent bad breath tooth decay and gum diseaseand can help you keep your teeth as you get olderbrowse oral bs articles to help with your oral care questions from gum health to cavities our articles cover a variety of different oral care topics

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