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TITLE : The Unwritten Laws Of Business

If you think this 1944 book is only good for electrical and mechanical engineers think again the principles and laws described are just as good for software engineers and managers in tech companiesthis book of short rules or unwritten laws harks back to 1944 when wj king a mechanical engineer penned a pamphlet of management advice for the american society of mechanical engineers asmethe unwritten laws of business w j king james g skakoon alan sklar on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers the bestselling business classic published 62 years ago that raytheon ceo william swanson made famous in his unwritten rules of mangement in the summer of 2005the bestselling business classic that raytheon ceo william swanson made famous every once in awhile there is a book with a message so timeless so universal that it transcends generationsklappentext zu the unwritten laws of business this hidden gem was first published 60 years ago but was known only to a lucky few until it resurfaced in 2005 when 300000 requests were made for a ceos personalised version

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